I began my love for fiber arts about 17 years ago at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Museum in Tillamook Oregon where I learned spinning and knitting together. It has been a wonderful journey that never gets dull but always inspires me to create.

All of my pieces are created in my home based business. My husband and I live in the coast range mountains of Oregon. Having the opportunity to realize our dream of being self sufficient, living sustainably, off grid and using my creativity to better our lives as well as others is a huge blessing.

I feel that hand-spinning yarn, dyeing and knitting as well as weaving, connect me with those that traveled this road before, it is a way of connecting with my heritage and those who shared a love for fiber arts in the past. I have been so encouraged by the people of Etsy who are getting us back to an appreciation for the quality and uniqueness of hand-made goods and I believe that this is worthy of our time and energy.

I love process of creating a thing of beauty, creating color, texture and design. I love the smell of the wool and the feel of it twisting in my hands as I spin it on my wheel. the movement and rhythm that is like a piece of beautiful music as I spin and weave each item that I create in my mind. I hope that you will feel the love and energy that goes into every twist of the yarn and the thought and creativity in all my handyed textiles.


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