I am so Excited!

I have great news, My new website is up! I have been laboring quietly here for a few months building this site. It is where I will be selling my handwoven, handmade textiles.

Dances With Yarns

I have had so much fun choosing the colors and designing everything so that you will love it and love spending time there.

Please go there, look around, join up on my email list to keep up with updates (no spam I promise) and let me know what you think. I hope you love it as much as I do.

This site is in it’s infant stages at the moment so if a link doesn’t work or you notice something wonky, please don’t hesitate to let me know, in fact I hope you will. I appreciate it so much.

I am currently working on a spring line of textiles that I am hoping to reveal soon so sign up for updates and you’ll be the first to know. With that launch I will be having a huge sale, when you sign up for updates you get a code for 20% off, that can be used all the time for fans of me and my shop, just because I love you and appreciate your support in so many ways.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vero, a new very cool app you should definitely check out.

I’ll be back soon with some sneak peaks and blog posts.

See you then!


A Journey in Weaving

This is what I have been up to on my loom lately. I am totally loving my adventures in weaving. I love the sound of the shuttle whooshing back and forth and the rap, rap, rap of the beater bar when I pull everything into place.
The Table runner and placemats were made using a ‘Rosepath’ weaving pattern. They are made of 100% cotton. In my knitting and spinning journey I really never worked with cotton much so it was nice to work with this lovely natural fiber. Natural fibers are where it is at with me, I suppose that there is something to be said for man made fibers for certain things but I love the durability and simplicity of a natural fiber.
I really enjoyed doing this weaving with lighter weight yarn and doing a delicate pattern. It is so fun to watch the pattern come alive as I weave away
The next project, of which I am still working are wool rugs using ‘Pendelton Wool’ mill ends, they are the ends of the fabric that their huge mechanized looms produce.
I acquired these mill ends from a friend in exchange for weaving a rug for her, “great trade I say” so here I am happily making rugs, I think I will be able to get a total of 5 rugs when I use all of the mill ends she gave me. These rugs are definitely not the delicate fine weaving I did on the linens however the results are almost immediate and very rewarding. I will post pictures upon completion. I have 4 rugs that I have woven but I need to do the finishing touches such as hemming the ends.
I have so many cool ideas in my head for future projects, one I am excited about are wall hangings using yarn from my old yarn shop ‘Nestucca Bay Yarns’ when I closed it in 2010 I kept a huge stash of yarn, enough to keep me busy for a very long time. I really want to make something artsy, something that comes out of my head with no pattern to follow. I have been given so much creative energy I just have to be creating constantly and fiber is my medium.
These items are or will be in my etsy shop. danceswithyarns.etsy.com for purchase if you fall in love with anything.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!

A Study in Huck Lace



This is my latest project. A table runner in ‘Huck Lace’, the ecru table runner I made before was in the ‘Huck’ pattern. I thought with this darker gray cotton that the texture in the ‘Huck Lace’ pattern would be nice and help it to show up a bit more.

This has been a fun project, I have been practicing on my ‘Huck’ line of table runners for a bit now because I am selling them in my Etsy shop and want to be faster at making them. I think if I started in the morning I could complete on in about a day, if I stuck with it the entire time.

I am so hooked on weaving, it is all I think about or want to do lately. although I did spin some art yarn the other day which was fun and I will be posting on it next. I will definitely do more of that as well.

The next weaving project I am planning on is going to be dishtowels or tea towels which ever you prefer. I have purchased and just received some organic cotton and ‘Cottlin’ which is 60% cotton 40% linen, this is the best dish towel blend, you get the best of both worlds, absorbency and durability.


For some reason my color palette has been stuck in greens and blues for a while now. The photo on the left is the Cottlin and the right photo is organic cotton.

I cannot wait to show you a really cool project that is taken over all of my consciousness. I will have to make a simple loom and gather driftwood among other things for it but I am almost ready to show it to you. This project will bring my love of nature and weaving together in a fun creative way. I tend to be a very earthy person which is probably why I love green so much.

Alas, the garden is calling my name at the moment, spring is here on the Oregon Coast which means a lot of wind and rain, however it is still time for seed starting and getting the garden ready for planting as well.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions. Let me know what your favorite colors are. Do you prefer a lot of color or more neutral tones?